The story of Sabtatoe

I’ve been on Instagram for more than 6 years now. Remember the time where the frames and original filters were the hottest shit? A lot has changed since then. I went from the girl that posted selfies for likes to someone who wanted pictures of a certain quality but also used captions to give it an extra layer.

To this date, I must have had more than four blogs: a fashion blog in the late 2000s, one called sushi&scissors (it still exists) where I showed a Washi tape order and blogs for my time abroad. And these don’t count all the tumblrs I’ve had… All of them were to either update those I left behind or to somehow gain fame– oh, the youthful arrogance & striving. 

This blog is something I have been considering for some time now, but was never too sure whether there was any point in starting it. I wanted to stop pressing long captions under totally unrelated instagram shots & at the same time be able to discuss & digest what I’ve been learning in the world. So this is me having a go at that.. let’s see if this blog actually gets any attention – not to make me famous & rich this time, but to spread knowledge & spark discussion. 

So don’t expect my instastory rants to seize – they will happen there, most likely prompted by someone else on there & then continued here.