Of habits and decisions

2019 is three days old. And so far, if I had made New Years resolutions, I’d be devastated. I got ill over the Christmas holidays so I spent a lot of time in bed.

Luckily, I spent the last days of the year working on a guide for goal-setting & making them stick. The past year was full of books on this topic and general leadership wisdom. I wanted to gather all of that and put together a guideline, rather than a planner. There is so many cute planners that give you a framework to put everything in. But I wanted to make it a guide that helps you fill these planners.

So I am proud to introduce you to my HOW TO ADULT guide (* if you find a better title for it, pleeeeeease message me!).

Click the image to get to the PDF guide.

It lays a solid foundation by helping you find your core values and dreams. And based on that, will ask questions to help you create the habits you need to fulfil your vision. The core structure is sharing insights, asking questions, giving examples and personal experience.

Towards the end, I have included examples of how I organise my files and notes. I always enjoy these when other people post them. There’s also a collection of books & podcasts that I liked for these specific topics (* or just in general to acquire more knowledge).

I tried to include some research, as far as I had any available. In general, I wanna encourage you to just experiment & figure out what works for you. With anything I describe, I know it works for me and for some around me. So please feel inspired, but don’t follow anything just because it’s right there.

There’s also a handy collection of all GO! items and questions for you to print for your planning. {click the image to download}