Anti-Racism Resources

 It is your responsibility to do the work, even when it gets uncomfortable. But, you can do this! You are not the only one.

Have grace with yourself and those around you. Everyone starts somewhere. Find someone to learn together.

Pick one resource and start there. It is easy to get overwhelmed and then not do anything at all. 

If you can (and I know time is of the essence here), please do not buy your books on Amazon, but rather support a local and/or Black/Brown-owned shop at this time. 

Interkontinental, Berlin-based bookshop that specialises in African literature and amplifies Black voices through events like the African Book festival – many racism-focused hard copies are sold out, but they provide E-book versions. An excellent Amazon alternative because they have a vast range of books on all kinds of topics.

Tebalou is a Black&Brown-owned online shop for children’s books & crafts materials that show diverse children and experiences. 

The Afrocomb podcast is hosted by @chancetheropa who interviews people of African descent living in Europe.

BlackRockTalk (formerly Karakaya Talk) is a German-speaking YouTube channel that provides a platform for BIPoC to share their own experiences and debate. They cover current topics and general debates such as cultural appropriation. 

Students can send emails to officials using the Templates provided by @ehisilozobhie. You can add specific examples of racist policies or suggestions/demands you have.

German/Berlin organisation you can support (financially)

Fund for survivors of police brutality in Germany

Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland e.V.

KiTa providing a safe space for African and Afrodiasporic children

Each One Teach One e.V. 

Solidarity Fund for Refugee Women in Berlin/Brandenburg 

Petition to have the N*-Word recognised as racist term in Germany 

Links to other resource lists

Please note, the contexts in Germany are different from the USA/UK or other areas. So if you can, try to read resources that speak to the issues in the country you live in. 

German-speaking and German-focused resource list – incl Books, videos, organisations to donate to and instagram accounts (via @transmission_net)

English-speaking resource list (via @pplottwistt) A list curated by Black Lives Matter with more of a USA focus. 

a twitter thread giving more ideas for allies Black Brown Berlin has curated a list of Black&Brown-owned businesses that you can show up for in a time that has already been difficult.