About Sabtatoe

I am a 20-something girl from Germany, hence the tatoe in my name. My family has come from the same small town in the western part of Germany for generations. Over years, this sabtatoe thing has gone from a nickname dare to an actual things (people who don’t know how to pronounce it included…) 

In the future, I hope to be a Lawyer and am currently finishing up Law School while working for a legal association & doing the odd creative thang. My vision is to create a future where the Law & all parties involved do their best to protect victims. Ask me to hear more about  

I live for sharing my blessings and I consider the highest form of blessings the people around me as well as the wisdom & knowledge we acquire on a daily basis. Hence my love for books, podcasts & inspiring instagram accounts.

Another love of mine is creating beautiful things or making existing spaces, things and people even better. I believe we have all been created to create.

We are both a work of art as well as an artist at work
– Erwin McManus

This website is supposed to be a way for me to articulate all the things I’m reflecting on and to be a safe space of discussion & learning. I am fortunate enough to be in an environment that is all about creativity, leadership & releasing our full potential. 

Do be active in the comments, do send me an e-mail if you disagree or would like to add to something I’ve said. I don’t want sabtatoe to be a one-way street, but rather a marketplace of information & opinion. 

All the Love

Sabrina, for sabtatoe