Reading is one of my big passions as I love to learn new things and grow constantly. Giving books is my favourite gift because it means giving someone the opportunity to grow. Below are some of my all-time favourites


Angie Thomas – The Hate U Give
Graeme Simsion – The Rosie Series (3 books)
James Frey – A Million Little Pieces
John Green – Looking for Alaska
David Nicholls – One Day


Erwin McManus – The Artisan Soul
Malcolm Gladwell – Blink
Gretchen Rubin – Better Than Before
John C Maxwell – No Limits

Goodreads is the way I track what I have read and any recommendations I have received. You can check out my profile to stay updated. Let’s connect and inspire each other!

To be sustainable, I like to buy secondhand, or ask my friends to let me borrow theirs. My favourite sites to buy on the German market are medimops and booklooker. Going to flea markets or charity shops is also a great option, but around here they usually hold German books.